M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.
A Government of MP Undertaking
Regd. Office: State IT Centre, 47-A, Arera Hills,Bhopal- 462011
CIN : U74210MP1983SGC002298


Testing & Calibration

MPSEDC Calibration labs Bhopal & ETDC Indore are equipped with state-of-the-art Test & Calibration equipments having accuracy traceable to national/international standards. The Centers are manned by trained and skilled manpower which endeavors to provide prompt and efficient services to the customers. The Center’s activities are supported by STQC Directorate Ministry of Communication & Information Technology which enables it to avail the services from other ERTL and ETDC labs.

The Test & Calibration services being provided are as follows:

In this case the customers bring the instruments/equipments to the Center for testing/calibration. After testing and calibration is completed, the customers collect the equipment along with the calibration reports from the Center.

On Site Test & Calibration:
In case there are a number of equipments to be tested and calibrated at a site, the Centre provides such facilities to customers by conducting the test and calibration services at the site itself.

Parameters for Calibration:

Mechanical Length, Mass, Density, Pressure, Vacuum, Sound etc.
Electro Technical AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Time, Speed, Frequency, Power/Energy etc.
Thermal Temperature & Relative Humidity (RH)
Process PH, Conductivity, etc
Force Torque, Compression, Tension, etc.