M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.
A Government of MP Undertaking
Regd. Office: State IT Centre, 47-A, Arera Hills,Bhopal- 462011
CIN : U74210MP1983SGC002298

Projects & Initiatives

Election Commission Project

MPSEDC Limited: The State Level Agency of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh

Project Overview:

The MPSEDC Ltd. is working as the State Level Agency (SLA) for the Office of Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh since 2001. We provide the technical expertise to the CEOMP office, District Election Officials & Vendors. In collaboration with the Election Commission of India we implement the technical implementations of the Online Photo Electoral Roll & Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC).


  • Software Development & Maintenance for the preparation of Photo Electoral Roll & EPIC.
  • Database Management of the 230 Assembly Constituencies of MP comprising of Elector’s (4.82 Crore) and Control Tables / Master Tables data.
  • Maintenance of the Servers positioned at NIC, Vindhyachal Bhawan, Bhopal
  • Technical Support to the Vendors and Districts.
  • Preparation of various MIS Reports for the ECI, CEOMP, Districts & Vendors on regular basis.
  • Preparation of Booth Level Officers (BLO) Registers.
  • Training on the Online Electoral Roll Management System was provided to the Electoral Registration Officers (ERO), District Election Staff and the Vendors through Video Conferencing and in person.
  • Tender preparation & Vendors Selection.
  • Consultancy
  • Maintenance of the web site of CEOMP office (www.ceomadhyapradesh.nic.in)
  • Uploading of Data & PDFs to the Web Site ceomadhyapradesh.nic.in

Reports & Activities performed to improve the health of the Photo Electoral Roll

  • Duplicate ID Cards Report
  • Data Error Checks Report
  • Duplicate Electors Report (AC wise, District wise & State wise)
  • Many Other Reports & Activities as required
  • Various URL’s were created for gathering different types of information either District wise, AC wise or Polling Station wise
  • Digital Signature – For the disposal of claims & objections by the EROs through ERMS application
  • SMS were sent to the electors after their EPIC is generated. Later on, the SMS will be sent to the Electors after data entry & ERO approval
  • In the 2013 assembly elections and in the 2014 parliamentary elections, we have provided the facility for the electors to send a SMS and in return his AC No., Part No., Sr.No., Polling Station location were sent to him
  • Various Analysis Reports were generated & send to the Districts & Vendors, to know the current status and targets to be achieved. Some of the reports are:
    • Photo Residual Report
    • Youth (18-19) Report
    • Electors without Mobile No. Report
    • ESRMD Report
    • Parts without any Form 6 received
    • Parts with unusual EP Ratio & Gender Ratio
    • Work Status Reports
    • Parts without MAP, etc

Team / Work Force:


1. We have successfully performed our part in the execution of the Madhya Pradesh State Assembly elections and Parliamentary General elections: a. State Assembly Election of 2003 b. Parliamentary General Election of 2004 c. State Assembly Election of 2008 d. Parliamentary General Election of 2009 e. State Assembly Election of 2013 f. Parliamentary General Election of 2014

2. From January 2012 onwards, we have updated the Electoral Roll Management System Software from the offline mode to the online mode.

3. We have played a major role in timely publications of the Draft and Final Photo Electoral Roll, Rationalization and Delimitation work.

4. Madhya Pradesh was the foremost State in India to start the implementation of the PVC Electors Photo Identity Cards.

5. We have developed the online solution to update the control tables (master tables) data used for the preparation of Photo Electoral Roll & EPIC. This module was later on adopted by the Election Commission of India and it has been provided to all the other States & Union Territories.

6. In the year 2013, we have received the appreciation letter from the chief electoral officer of Madhya Pradesh State in the State level ceremony in Bhopal organized on the occasion of National Voter’s day on 25th January 2013. The award was presented by the Honorable Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

7. The Photo Electoral Roll of Madhya Pradesh State now contains the 100% photographs of the electors and the Electors Photo Identity Cards were also generated for all the electors.

8. On the eve of the National Voter’s day 2014, the Honorable President of India has presented the award for the “Best Electoral Practices in State” to the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh.